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Antisemitism and Rural Politics in Northwest Germany, forthcoming 2026 from Bloomsbury Press.

​This website is a work-in-progress that I have created to support my research on peasant/Jewish relations in the area along the North Sea coast bounded by the rivers Elbe and Ems. The Peasants and Jews project addresses the troubling conundrum of how the liberal political order that existed in Northwest Germany before the Great War collapsed in the later Weimar Republic as the rural population embraced National Socialism.


Drawing upon material from 40 archives and 14 libraries, this study both clarifies and reassesses numerous shibboleths about the nature of rural politics and the growth of radical Antisemitism. At the center of my research are election results from the 761 towns and villages across 14 national elections - linked to social and economic variables - displayed and spatially analyzed with GIS mapping.

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